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Greenwood Cemetery is staffed by caring people who want to help you. We would like to assist you in exploring all possibilities and settling on the best option to meet your needs. These options include:

  • In-ground burial
  • Mausoleum
  • Above ground personal mausoleum


In-Ground Burial

There are different types of markers or monuments from which to select. There are both flat ground-level markers and above ground monument areas in the cemetery. A monument or marker can be placed on the site either before or after a burial and will not have to be disturbed or moved for the burial process.

Burial spaces are available in most sections of Greenwood Cemetery. In the spring of 2009, we opened two new sections. We have ample burial lots available for at least 100 years.


Greenwood Cemetery has several possibilities for cremations:

  • a niche in the columbarium
  • in-ground burial of ashes

Greenwood has a cremation garden in a lovely setting. The garden provides 24" by 24" burial spaces. These spaces can be used for a burial of one or two cremations. The cost of the spaces includes a bronze flat marker and foundation.

Another cremation option is to bury one or two urns in a full grave space. This option permits placing an upright monument or flat marker for memorialization.

Scattering Garden: Of the Earth They Become in Loving Memory

Greenwood Cemetery has created a beautiful, peaceful scattering garden to allow families the opportunity for a loved one's cremated remains to be economically scattered in a permanent reflective setting.

This attractive picturesque garden includes hundreds of flowering shrubs, bushes and perennials placed throughout the scattering area. Committal services for the scatting garden may take place at the garden or in the adjacent chapel.

The garden includes a bronze memorial for families to place a 3" x 4" bronze memorial in memory of their loved one. In addition in association with Greenwood Cemetery, families may place a memorial tree adjacent to the scattering garden in honor of their loved ones.

Cremated remains whether placed in the scattering garden, in a niche or in the ground, are treated with the same dignity as traditional casket burial, and a permanent record is created and kept within the cemetery database.

Contact Greenwood Cemetery for more information regarding this scenic scattering garden. Reservations may be made years in advance or at the time of need. Greenwood Cemetery 513-896-9726.


Greenwood Cemetery currently has one beautiful mausoleum. It has both indoor and outdoor crypts and an indoor chapel. There are five levels from which to choose. The construction of an additional new mausoleum currently is being planned.

Above Ground Personal Mausoleums

Greenwood Cemetery advisers will be pleased to help you design an above ground personal mausoleum that will be placed on a cemetery lot of your choosing.

Monuments and Markers

Monuments and marker serve as memorials for lives well-lived. Greenwood Cemetery has many beautiful stone works of art. Our advisers can help you design a memorial in the color, tone, and texture that reflects your family's values and taste. Stately upright family monuments and fine individual memorials are available and affordable. Greenwood buys granite and bronze markers from manufacturers who use only the finest materials. Cemetery groundskeepers are skilled in placing memorials.

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